SportsEngine Registration: New York Metropolitan Women's Soccer League

Players looking for a team



Welcome to the NYMWSL looking for a team page.

Please note that in order to register with the League, you first need to be recruited by a team.

We have 2 Divisions, A and B.

Once you fill out your information (click on the below link for the form), an email will be sent to all teams and someone will get back to you with information about their team (in many cases, more than one team will contact you, so it will be up to you to decide which one is the best fit for you).

Please note that some teams may want to have you try out during an actual game, for which they would need to register you. Be aware that this does not tie you to this team for the entire season. If you prefer to continue looking for a team that fits you better, you can ask to be released so that you can move on. Usually it is easier to hold on registering with anyone if you want to try out with a few teams first.

Good luck!

If no one gets back to you, please email and we will forward your information to everyone again.

If you have trouble sending the form, you can send an email with your information directly to





Please direct questions


Please do not click on "continue", this will not send your information to the teams. Just fill out the form.